Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

For Sale

Private Treaty Heifer Sale:

Our private treaty heifer sale has begun we are offering 19 head of extremely docile AWESOME girls. ALL heifers have had DNA parentage verification.

Arjons Christy 908-2001

 AAA #19670297

Heifer 2001
Sire: Arjons TopHand
Dam: Arjons Gridmaker 908
Adj Weaning Weight: 692lbs.

Dam is a Double pathfinder cow with GREAT looks and a deposition to match. Christy will be a NICE addition to any herd.

Asking $1250.00

Heifer 2003

(purebred unregistered)

Heifer 2003
Sire: MCR Horizon (17076135)
Dam: Arjons Bobcat 1121-1305 (17593923)
Adj Weaning weight: 700lbs

This girl is going to be a GOOD doer her dam is an easy keeper and has produced well including giving us a herd sire in 2015 we used him for two years and then he went on to saggy wire ranch and did a GREAT job there. 

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Horizon 1332-2004

 AAA #19854031

Heifer 2004
Sire: MCR Horizon
Dam: Arjons Direction 902-1332
Adj Weaning weight: 595lbs.

This girl's dam consistently knocks it out of the park with her calves, she is an easy calver with a SWEET disposition. NICE CED BW and milk EPDS.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Acclaim 907-2010

AAA #19854032

Heifer 2010
Sire: Jindra Acclaim
Dam Arjons Diamond Grid
Adj Weaning weight: 600lbs

In addition to being sired by the #2 bull in the Angus association our 2010 heifer comes from our foundation Goldie line we have never been disappointed with anything that comes out of this pedigree including disposition.  Her dam is a 2009 cow that is still producing well and has A.I. settled 10 years in a row.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Scalehouse 714-2017

AAA #19830827

Heifer 2017
Sire: GAR Scalehouse
Dam: Arjons Prompter
Adj Weaning weight: 649lbs.

This girl's dam has sold more NICE animals off our farm then most she is a 2007 cow that has not missed a calving she has been bred to Scalehouse 4 times because it works well. Nice BW CED and milk.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgun 1801-2022

 AAA #19714737

Heifer 2022
Sire: Arjons Tophand
Dam: Arjons Absolute 1304-1801
Adj Weaning weight: 662lbs.

I don't even know where to start with this one dam is sired by Absolute a pathfinder bull who spent several years in the Angus association's top 25 sires for registrations, Her Grandam is a 4 time pathfinder cow having 6 a.i. sired calves with an average weaning ratio of 110. 2022 has an AWESOME set of epds with 21 out of 28 being above breed average.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgirl 1839-2030

AAA #19811908

Heifer 2030
Sire: Arjons Tophand
Dam: Arjons Upward 0319-1839
Adj Weaning weight: 640lbs

Nice heifer whose dam is a first time calver easy to be around and did a GREAT job with this calf. Granddam came to us from South Dakota and the Peterson Angus Farm in 2013 what a great purchase she has been.
NICE pedigree with a WONDERFUL set of Epds.

Asking $1250.00

Heifer 2032

 Purebred (unregistered)

Sire: Arjons Rampage 2106-1730 (18871022)
Dam: B/R Ruby of Tiffany 3122 (17680143)
Adj Weaning weight: 602 lbs

This girl may not come with a registration but she certainly comes with a STACKED pedigree her dam comes from the Famed B/R Angus ranch in Nebraska and her sire is a Rampage son.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons  Rampage 707-2033

 AAA #19852562

Heifer 2033
Sire: Arjons Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: Arjons Black Diamond
Adj. weaning weight: 631lbs
Birth date: 04-02-2020
VERY docile dam and a farm favorite whose pedigree includes our foundation cow Arjons Golden girl we loved this cow so much we had her and her dam's picture put on a sign in our front yard.  Heifer 2033 has great eye and nice CED and BW and should be a easy calver.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgun 1829-2034

 AAA #19186898

Heifer 2034
Sire: Arjons Tophand 1205-1704
Dam: Arjons Fullpower 907-1829
Adj. weaning weight: 653lbs
Birth date: 04-05-2020
We are very pleased with this heifer her dam is a first calf heifer who was a PERFECT momma very nice disposition great eye-appeal. we believe our Tophand bull knocked it out of the park with this girl she has a WONDERFUL set of Epds 20/28 traits above breed average and a NICE pedigree as well.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgirl 1820-2038

AAA #19811907

Heifer 2038
Sire: Arjons Tophand 1704
Dam: Arjons Scalehouse 714-1810
Adj. weaning weight: 681lbs

Love this heifer she has eye-appeal, GREAT Epds 20 out of 28 traits above breed average and combines our Tophand with
Gar scalehouse which will make for a GREAT producing heifer.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Rampage 1308-2039

AAA #19857273

Heifer 2039
Sire: Arjons Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: Arjons Fusion 949-1308
Adj. weaning weight: 574lbs

Nice heifer with a GAR fusion dam who has done a nice job for us easy keeper attentive mom. NICE CED CEM along with some nice animals in her pedigree should make for an animal that will be an asset to any farm.

Asking $1250.00

Heifer 2041

Purebred (unregistered)

Heifer 2041
Sire: Arjons rampage 2106-1730 (18871022)
Dam: Arjons TenX 907-1412 (17900807)
Adj. weaning weight: 640lbs.

Nice heifer whose dam has raised a lot of nice calves including one of our current herd sires. Both her sire and dam have nice EPDS including WW and YW.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Rampage 1404-2044

AAA #19852564

Heifer 2044
Sire: Arjons Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: Arjons Powertool U124-1404
Adj. weaning weight: 612lbs.

Dam is a 3 time pathfinder cow who has done a FABULOUS job for us having one of the top selling bulls to White pines Angus of Backus. We have kept ALL of her heifers so this is a first time offering of her heifers and a nice one she is EXTREMELY high in CED BW CEM and Milk.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgirl 5423-2047

AAA #19857272

Heifer 2047
Sire: Arjons Tophand 1704
Dam: PA Blackcap M761-5423
Adj weaning weight: 631lbs

This one should be staying her dam is a donor cow purchased from Peterson Angus (Alcester SD) whom we have flushed many times we have kept several heifers out of this cow and NONE have disappointed us.  This girl EXCELS in many traits 17 out of 28 trait above breed average.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Topgirl 1837-2051

AAA #19811906

Heifer 2051
Sire: Arjons Tophand 1704
Dam: Arjons Journey 1520-1837
Adj. weaning weight: 634lbs

This girl comes from a cow family that is one of the most DOCILE on our farm granddam is a double pathfinder cow. 19 traits above breed average will be a GREAT addition to any herd. 

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Rampage 1121-2052

 AAA #19890186 (DDC)

Heifer 2052
Sire: Arjons Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: WR Bar Benchmark 1121
Adj. weaning weight: 635lbs.
Birth date: 04-27-2020
EXTREMELY docile dam who was purchased from WR Bar Ranch (Pequot Lakes) in 2012 and there is a reason she is still here NEVER disappoints us with the calves she has given us. This girl has a NICE CED (top 3%), BW, CEM and milk.

Asking $1250.00

Arjons Rampage 1334-2053

 AAA #19944672

Heifer 2053
Sire: Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: Arjons Big Rok 1334-2053
Adj. weaning weight: 603lbs
Birth date: 04-28-2020
Dam is an eye appealing girl who has given us some really nice calves. Granddam is a 2007 cow that has done a FABULOUS job for us we have sold a LOT of bulls out of her and kept most of her heifers. We expect this girl to be a long lived animal that delivers year after year.

Asking $1250.00

Heifer 2056

 Purebred unregistered

Heifer 2056
Sire:  Arjons Rampage 2106-1730
Dam: pure bred unregistered
Weaning weight: 621lbs
Birth date: 05-05-2020
This girl is a really nice looking calf whose dam is a 2010 cow A.I. sired by Final Answer she has raised some REALLY nice calves and that is why she is still here.

Asking $1250.00