Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

For Sale

2019 Registered Angus Bulls For Sale:

This set of bulls is a SPECTACULAR offering of some of the top bulls in 2019 such as LD capitalist, Jindra Acclaim and Sydgen Enhance we invite you to view them and please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like additional info.
ALL bulls have had their genomic profile done (50K) which includes parentage confirmation - They will be fertility tested in April/may.

Arjons Absolute 1304-1904 (DDC) - Pending

DOB: 03/18/2019  |  AAA #19534410

Sire: KCF Bennett Absolute
MGS. GAR 5050
BW: 79lbs  ADJ. WW: 770lbs  Weaning ratio 108
I can't say enough GOOD things about this bull's dam, she has successful A.I. settled 5 years in a row is a double pathfinder cow and will again this year. We LOVE this absolute bull his looks are tremendous he has 20 out of 25 breed traits above average and comes with calving ease for heifers.
Asking $3600.00

Arjons Acclaim 1601-1908

DOB: 03/19/2019  |  AAA #19539265

Sire: Jindra Acclaim
MGS: PA Fortitude
BW: 75lbs ADJ. WW: 632lbs
This bull's pedigree is LOADED his sire is the POPULAR Jindra Acclaim who landed in the top 25 for most registered calves in 2019. Acclaim worked well for us giving us NICE vigorous calves that were up and on. The grand-dam of this bull has been used several times for embryo transfer work at Lucky Clover Angus and also at Peterson Angus in Alcester SD. His dam is a VERY eye-appealing girl who will be here for many years to come. His EPDS are IMPRESSIVE 19 breed traits above average with 16 of those in the top 20%.
Asking $3800.00

Arjons Platinum 1701-1916

DOB: 03/21/2019  |  AAA #19534406

Sire: Sydgen Enhance
MGS: GAR Method
BW: 77lbs ADJ WW 705lbs
We LOVE the dam of this bull she is EXTREMELY friendly and is headed to our donor pen, her dam has already been used twice for embryo transfer work here and several times at Peterson Angus. Platinum's EPDS are FABULOUS with 16 out of 25 traits being in the top 15% or BETTER he should excel in every area. EXTREMELY high in YW, RADG, $F, $G and $ B. This bull is one of the top bulls of our Sale this year.

Asking $4400.00

Arjons Acclaim 004-1918

DOB: 03/23/2019  |  AAA #19496700

Sire Jindra Acclaim
MGS HARB Pendleton
BW: 82 Adj: WW 737lbs Weaning ratio: 104
Another fabulous dam with a disposition 2nd to none she has been used in our Donor program. This bull is one of my FAVORITES of the year sired by the popular Acclaim he has GREAT looks and always stands out in the bull pen. We will be using Acclaim on his dam this year as well. The Epds on this boy are WONDERFUL we expect him to do WELL as a heifer maker with his above average CED, $M and NICE HP CEM. This bull will be a HUGE asset to any herd.

Asking $4400.00

Arjons Absolute 1311-1919

DOB: 03/23/2019  |  AAA #19534407

Sire: KCF Bennett Absolute
MGS: GAR Ingenuity
BW: 82lbs. Adj: WW 749lbs weaning Ratio: 105

Another double pathfinder cow that will pathfinder again this year. I LOVE absolute there is a reason he was in the top 25 for calves registered for multiple years, and I LOVE the looks of this bull he will make some NICE calves with GREAT eye-appeal!

Asking $3100.00

Arjons Rampage 2116-1921 - SOLD

DOB: 03/24/2019  |  AAA #19534408

Sire: Quaker Hill Rampage
MGS: PA Prime Time
BW: 78lbs Adj: 726lbs Ratio 102

This is the 3rd time we have paired up this bulls dam and Rampage (she is due with a rampage again this year) she is scheduled to be bred to him again this breeding season-we LOVE the results we have calves out of this bulls brother they were great as well. QH Rampage has been in the top 25 for the last 4 years and the number 1 bull for 2018. This bull has 20 traits above breed average, in the top 15% for docility and will be a GREAT heifer bull.

Asking $3900.00

Arjons Capitalist 1412-1923

DOB: 03/25/2019  |  AAA #19533499

Sire: LD Capitalist 316
BW: 84lbs. Adj WW: 705lbs

I LOVE this bull! If for some reason he does not sell he will stay behind to be a herd bull for our heifers. This bull's sire is now in the top 25 for registrations in 2019 and I can see why, what a THICK stout bull he is with GREAT eye-appeal. He is above breed average in several traits including CED and BW.

Price: Make An Offer!

Arjons Enhance 1509-1924

DOB: 03/27/2019  |  AAA #19537446

Sire: Sydgen Enhance
MGS WHS Limelight
BW: 86lbs Adj WW 751lbs Weaning Ratio: 105

This Bull's Dam will pathfinder for us this year we are currently using one of her sons as a herd sire. This guy excels in MANY traits and has eye-appeal, his popular sire Sydgen Enhance is in the top 25 sires for breed registration 2019. Enhance will most definitely be used around here in the upcoming breeding season.

Asking $3400.00

Arjons Upperhand 1614-1927

DOB: 04/03/2019  |  AAA #19432139

Sire: Arjons Tophand 1205-1704
MGS: PA Fortitude
BW: 70 lbs. Adj. WW: 715lbs

I don't even know where to start with this bull his grand-dam is one of the BEST purchases we have EVER made she has been flushed here several times resulting in some of our highest selling animals. Last year his dam had the high selling bull and his grand-dam had the second highest selling bull. His Great grand- am GAR retail product 512 sold for $85,000.00 at the Gardiner Angus 2006 Sale. This bull him self is FANTASTIC having 18 traits above breed average most notably having a CED in the top ten % and a BW in the top 3% of the breed making him a true calving ease curve bending heifer bull.

Asking $4200.00

Arjons Topgun 2618-1934

DOB: 04/11/2019  |  AAA #19432141

Sire: Arjons Tophand 1205-1704
MGS: TC Total
BW: 79lbs Adj. WW: 634lbs

This bulls Dam is one of our favorite dispositioned cows as a donor cow has passed that WONDERFUL trait down to her offspring we have been complimented several times on how docile her calves are. We expect this bull to be easy to handle, well liked gentle animal. He comes with a nice set of epds including a HIGH marbling, weaning and $B.

Asking $2800.00

Arjons Frontrange 64B-1936

DOB: 04/13/2019  |  AAA #19486812

Sire: PA Downrange
MGS B P F Special Focus
BW: 82lbs Adj. WW: 853lbs weaning Ratio: 120

The dam of this bull was on Jon's radar when she was purchased by a friend at The Flying V sale in ND and then we were thrilled when she ended up on a herd reduction sale and we purchased her. She is a phenotypically CORRECT beautiful cow who weaned off the top weight gaining bull of our 2019 calf crop. This boy has 17 traits above breed average and excels in docility, weaning yearling, carcass weight, marbling and Ribeye if that's not enough he comes with WONDERFUL eye-appeal definitely stands out in the bull pen.

Asking $3900.00

Arjons Rampage 1332-1938 - Pending

DOB: 04/13/2019  |  AAA #19514028

Sire: Arjons Rampage 2116-1729
MGS: Big Rok Benny 062
BW: 82lbs Adj. WW 745 weaning Ratio: 105
This is one of these times when I shake my head and wonder how this bull with an 82lb birth weight a sire with a 1.8 and a dam with -.7 bw could possibly have a 3.0 BW???? but we have to go with what we have. His dam ratioed 5 at 92 for BW and yet her weaning ratio is 5 at 102 she has done a GREAT job for us. what a nice set of EPDS this boy has 17 traits above breed average.

Asking $2700.00

Arjons Rampage 1502-1940 - Pending

DOB: 04/13/2019  |  AAA #19514029

Sire: Arjons Rampage 2116-1729
BW: 78lbs Adj. WW: 685lbs
VERY eye-appealing bull with a NICE pedigree and a good set of Epds 18 traits above bred average excels in CED, CEM and HP. Dam is a very pretty cow, easy to handle and has done a GREAT job for us.

Asking $2800.00

Arjons Rampage 1202-1947 - Pending

DOB: 04/27/2019  |  AAA #19514026

Sire Arjons Rampage 1509-1717
MGS; Coleman Regis
BW: 82lbs Adj. WW: 672lbs

LOVE this bulls dam a sweet cow with very appealing looks she is easy to handle easy to calve. This bull's sire currently ranks in the top 100 sires in the breed in 7 traits and currently ranks number 3 for ribeye out of 25,379 animals.
I expect GOOD things from this bull. 16 traits above breed average top 2% for ribeye.

Asking $2600.00

Arjons Topgun 1618-1949 - Pending

DOB: 04/29/2019  |  AAA #19420107

Sire: Arjons Tophand 1205-1704
MGS; GAR Scalehouse
BW 76lbs Adj. WW 735lbs

We REALLY like this bull and his dam is FABULOUS one of Jon's favorite. This bull's sire is an AWESOME bull which we have had the good fortune to see in person we expect this bull to do WELL as a herd sire he has 19 traits above breed average and excels in several, especially CED and BW he is a calving ease curve bender heifer bull.

Asking $3100.00

Arjons Rampage 1121-1952 (DDC) - Pending

DOB: 04/30/2019  |  AAA #19534411

Sire: Arjons Rampage 2116-1729
MGS; Big Rok Benchmark 910
BW: 79lbs Adj. WW: 775lbs weaning ratio: 109

This bull's dam is a sweet easy keeper that consistently weans off calves at the top each year. We like the looks of this bull and his epds are an added bonus 22 traits above breed average a NICE CED and BW makes him ideal for heifer use.

Asking $2900.00