Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

For Sale

We now have 6 NICE Registered 2018 open heifers for sale
We are asking 1,375.00 each for these registered heifers.


ALL registered heifers have had their genomic profile (PF50k) performed, which includes parentage verification.


Arjons Upward 1322-1835

DOB: 04/12/2018  |  AAA #19184706

Birth weight 63lbs Adj. weaning weight 519lbs.
Sire: Arjons Upward 171-1303
Dam: Arjons B. Rok Benny 6436-1322

Nice looking heifer that will raise a good calf her dam is a 2013 girl sired by a Big Rok Benny herd sire her grand dam was hand picked by my husband from the 2007 flying W production sale for her BEAUTIFUL looks. This heifer has 10 traits above breed average she excels in CED and BW she has nice Docility and Milk traits.

Arjons Upward 1412-1842

DOB: 04/15/2018  |  AAA #19184708

Birth weight: 76lbs Adj. weaning weight: 581lbs
Sire: Arjons Upward 171-1303
Dam: Arjons Ten X 907-1412

OUTSTANDING girl with a FABULOUS pedigree Paternal grandsire is Sitz Upward and Maternal Grandsire is Ten X she no doubt will produce some WONDERFUL calves. Dam is a 2014 A.I. sired by Ten X daughter and has given us some nice calves in her short life and will not be leaving our farm anytime soon. This heifer has 14 traits above breed average and EXCELS in MANY traits she is in the top 4% of the breed for YW 3% for Scrotal, $W $F, and 5% for Milk.

Arjons Journey 1502-1844

DOB: 04/17/2018   |  AAA #19184710

Birth weight: 76lbs Adj. weaning weight: 548 lbs.
Sire; Arjons Journey 2212-1602
Dam Arjons Ten X 1304-1502

LOVE this heifer she is another girl with an EXCELLENT pedigree and if that isn't enough she has a Grandmother (Arjons 5050 1102-1304) that is a pathfinder cow. Dam is a 2015 A.I. sired by Ten X cow with great looks and personality. This Heifer has 15 traits above breed average and has nice WW and YW and docility traits. Her best attributes are in her pedigree which should lead to PHENOMINAL calves that will make them "Keepers" her sire is a result of a flush with WR Journey (top 25 for calves registered in 2018) and PA Everelda Entense 2212 nice matchup for us we are pleased we will be retaining some of Arjons Journey calves.

Arjons Journey 1512-1847

DOB: 04/22/2018  |  AAA #19184711

Birth weight: 69lbs Adj. weaning weight: 606lbs.
Sire Arjons Journey 2212-1602
Dam: Arjons Ten X 1311-1512

This girl was a HARD one to add to our Selling pen as her mom is a farm favorite and she already has quite the personality. Dam is a 2015 A.I. sired Ten X and her granddam (Arjons Ingenuity) Path-findered for us last year.she has a WONDERFUL pedigree with TEN X, Mytty In foucus, and GAR ingenuity and that's just on her dam's side. This heifer has 12 traits above breed average but once again her value will be in her stacked pedigree and her docile disposition!!

Arjons Full Power 1121-1852

DOB: 05/01/2018  |  AAA # 19186899

Birth weight: 73lbs. Adj. weaning weight: 601lbs.
Sire: Arjons Full Power 1305-1501
Dam: W R Benchmark 1121

Pretty Heifer that will have a wonderful disposition, Dam is a 2011 purchased from W R. Bar Ranch she arrived on our farm as a yearling with a GREAT easy going personality she has developed into a cow that is GREAT looking and easy to work with she will remain here for MANY years to come. This heifer has 11 traits above breed average and is GREAT in her CED BW and WW traits.

Arjons Upward 1413-1854

DOB: 05/13/2018   |  AAA #19184709

Birth weight: 81lbs. Adj. weaning weight: 573 lbs.
Sire: Arjons Upward 171-1303
Dam: Arjons Limelight 908-1413

an AWESOME heifer with a BEAUTIFUL dam. Dam is a 2014 A.I. sired Limelight daughter maternal granddam has pathfindered for us 2 years in a row. This heifer has 14 traits above breed average and EXCELS in WW, YW RADG, she is in the top 15% for $B.