Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

For Sale

We are offering several bulls by private treaty they have been semen tested, ultrasounded and have had their genomic profile including parentage verification performed.

Arjons Upward 949-1635

Asking: $2,250.00

AAA # 18548543
2 YEAR OLD calving ease bull  BW 74lbs Adj. WW 605lbs  Adj.YW 1005lbs.
Sired by Arjons Upward 171-1303 Dam is a very docile eye-appealing cow with a great DISPOSTION and the great grand-dam of our highest selling bull this year. This bull is in the top 4% of the breed for Ribeye nice milk, HP, $W, $G and $YG.

Arjons Composure 632-1711

Asking Price: $2,900.00

AAA # 18871009

Good for heifer use Adj.BW 79lbs Adj. WW 718lbs.
A.I. sired by GAR Composure
This bull has 16 out of 25 traits above breed average, top 30% or higher in WW, RADG, DMI, CEM, Milk, $W and $YG.

Arjons Tophand 2618-1712

Asking Price: $3,100.00

AAA # 18871014

Ok for heifer use. BW 2.3 Actual BW 83lbs 
Adj.WW 655lbs.
A.I sired by Thomas Tophand, Maternal Grand sire is TC total.
GREAT EPDS 17 traits above breed average, in top 10% or higher for 
WW, YW,RADG, DMI, CEM, Milk, CW, $W, $F and the top 1% for $B.

Arjons 5050 907-1718

Asking: $2,400.00

AAA # 18871012

BW 1.2 actual BW is 85lbs  Adj WW 656lbs
A.I sired by the deceased GAR 5050.
This bull has 14 traits above breed average and is the top 1% for
docility and in the top 30% for $B.

Arjons Fullpower 1412-1720

Asking: $2,500.00

AAA # 18871015

Recommended for cows BW 3.0 Actuals BW 90lbs  Adj. WW 706lbs.
A.I. sired by PA Fullpower. Dam is sired by TenX  and  was born on our farm nice eye-appealing cow who is an easy calver. This pedigree is IMPRESSIVE having several in his family tree that were in the top 25 for most registered calves. He has 14 traits above breed average he is in the top 20% or better for WW, YW, RADG, CW, Ribeye, Fat, $W, $F, $YG and top 10% for $B.

Arjons Safeguard 1121-1722

Asking: $2,500.00

AAA # 18871017

BW 1.1 actual ADJ BW 85lbs ADJ WW 751lbs.
A.I. sired by PA safeguard Dam is  EXTREMELY gentle cow who has successfully A.I. settle for us every year she has been here. This bull has 10 traits above breed average and is in the top 20% or better in Scrotal, Milk, Marbling, $W, $G, $QG and 20% for $B

Arjons Rampage 2116-1729

Asking: $3,200.00

AAA # 18871023

Perfect for heifer use. BW 1.6 Actual BW 69lb ADJ WW 655lbs.
A.I. sired by Quaker Hill Rampage Dam is sired by PA prime time U033 this cow is a nice looking even tempered cow that will remain here for years to come.1729 has wonderful EPDs with 18 traits above breed average  top 20% for WW and top 15% for YW, he is REALLY nice in his carcass area top 30% for Marbling, and in the top 3% of the breed for both Ribeye and fat. He is in the top 15% for $B.

Arjons Upward 010-1732 

Asking: $2,400.00

AAA # 18850490

BW 3.0 Actuals BW 82lbs ADJ. WW 729lbs.
Sired by Arjons Upwards 171-1303  one our favorite herd sires born in 2013 was retained by us until late last year when he was sold and went on to a new herd.   Dam was born on our farm and has raised some NICE calves for us. This bull has nice looks and 12 traits above breed average with GOOD WW and YW

Arjons New Day 3122-1733

Asking: $3,300.00

AAA # 18777367

WONDERFUL for heifer use BW.1 Actuals 75lbs ADJ. WW 736lbs.

Sired By B/R New Day 454-341 (the high selling bull for Rishel Angus 2014 sale selling for $25000.00), New Day 1733 will give some always needed improvement for docility (top 10%) marbling(top 10%) while keeping a nice CED and BW.