Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

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BULLS For Sale:

As we walk through these bulls we continually comment that theses are the BEST looking bulls we have ever offered.

All Bulls have had their genomic profile (i50k) including parentage verification done and will be ultra sounded and fertility tested.

Arjons Comrade 707-1806

DOB: 03/12/2018  |  AAA #19168922

Birth weight 72lbs, Adj. weaning weight 632 lbs.
Sire: Connealy Comrade-continues to dominate sales for Select sires as a popular bull for breeding heifers to.
Dam: Arjons Black Diamond 707

Ultimate calving ease bull with an 11 for CED and -2.9 have used comrade on this cow several times NICE matchup.
Asking $2900.00


Arjons Scalehouse 1334-1817


DOB: 03/21/2018  |  AAA #19167621

Birth weight 79lbs. Adj. weaning 581lbs
Sire GAR Scalehouse this bull was purchased by Peterson angus for $18,500.00 from Gardiner Angus(top selling Daybreak son of the sale) and recently purchased from Brandon by Genex
Dam Arjons Bik Rok Benny 714-1334

Nice easy going bull with a GOOD set of epds including in the top 5% for ribeye, 4% for milk and a NICE 15% for docility.We use GAR scalehouse a lot because of his ability to sire GOOD full bodied calves with added muscle.

16 out of 25 traits above breed average
Asking $2500.00

Arjons Rampage 2116-1812


DOB: 03/19/2018  |  AAA #19167622

Birth weight 81lbs, Adj. weaning weight 676lbs.
Sire: Quaker Hill Rampage Top bull in the angus Assn for calves registered 2018 and number 2 in 2017
Dam: PA Rita U029-2116 purchased form Peterson Angus in 2013 cow is a docile girl that has done a good job for us

Nice matchup for this cow (we kept the full brother last year as a herd sire. This Bull has a WONDDERFUL pedigree to back up his Nice epds.

15 out of 25 traits above breed average.

Asking $3500.00

Arjons Powertool 632-1814


DOB: 03/19/2018  |  AAA #19167620

Birth weight 78lbs. Adj. weaning weight 696lbs
Sire: PA Powertool #19 in Angus Assn.'s top 25 sires for registration in 2015
Dam: Arjons Rockn D Ambush

This is a WONDERFUL looking bull with good Epds. A.I. sired by PA Powertool this is the 3rd time we have used Powertool on the dam of this bull because it works well on the hoof. We can't say enough about this bull's dam she is a 2006 cow who has done a FABULOUS job for us one of the top money makers on our farm, with her ability to A.I. settle (7 years in a row and looks to make 2019 her 8th in a row), breed in a timely fashion and CONSISTANTLY wean off calves that are eye appealing good doing calves;

15 out of 25 traits above breed average
Asking $3500.00

Arjons Safeguard 1332-1803


DOB: 03/12/2018  |  AAA #19168877

Birth weight 70lbs, Adj.Weaning weight 708 lbs.
Sire: PA Safeguard #19 in 2015 for top 25 sires for registration.
Dam: Arjons Direction 902-1332

NICE eye-appealing bull with a WONDERFUL BW epd and great marbling
Asking $3000.00

Arjons Empire 1807


DOB: 03/17/2018  |  AAA #19155927

Birth weight 76lbs, Adj. weaning weight 744lbs.
Sire Baldridge Bronc sale topper for Baldridge brothers in 2016 bringing $157,000. We love this bull we used him in our 2018 breeding season and will use him this year as well.
Dam: Arjons Fortitude U124-1614 1st calf out of this heifer and she did a GREAT job with this bull

This is one of our top bulls this year for Epds and Pedigree We LOVE this bull he excels in NUMEROUS traits top 20% or better in 18 traits and if that's not enough he has NICE looks and did well with his actual weights he ranks high amongst Bronc offspring in several categories including being number 2 for $B.


Arjons Horizon 1509-1813


DOB: 03/19/2018  |  AAA #19155926


Birth weight 84lbs. Adj. weaning weight 714lbs
Sire: MCR Horizon
Dam:: Arjons Limelight 1205-1509 this is the 2nd calf for this cow and she is doing a GREAT job producing the top selling bull for us last year and this beautiful bull this year.

We are LOVIING the looks of the two Horizon Brothers very thick eye-appealing bulls who excel in many breed traits. This bull is GREAT in the CW Marbling and Ribeye traits and is in the top 5% for both WW and YW. 1813 has been a continuous standout in pasture what a GREAT matchup Horizon was on our Limelight cow she is on her way to Pathfinder status with 1 calf at 121 weaning ratio and one at 103. Her 2017 son has stayed behind as a current herd sire.
18 out of 25 traits above breed average

Birth weight 84 lbs., ADJ weaning weight 714lbs
Asking $3800.00

Arjons Journey U124-1822


DOB: 03/24/2018  |  AAA #19107715

Birth weight 79lbs. Adj. weaning weight 668lbs
Sire Arjons journey 2212-1602 this bulls dam recently sold for $5500.00 in Eagle Bend MN. He is sired by WR Journey in the top 25 sired 2018. The calves have been Wonderful we have retained several heifers sired by Arjons Journey.
Dam SVF Rita U124 this cow is a farm FAVORITE she has done a WONDERFUL job as a donor cow and has a disposition second to none.

This bull will come with a GREAT disposition and a nice set of Epds (16 traits above breed average) he is the product of a natural breed out of our beloved donor cow SVF Rita U124 and Arjons journey 1602.
Asking $2900.00

Arjons Journey 1305-1828


DOB: 04/04/2018  |  AAA #19184705

Birth weight 78lbs Adj. weaning weight 741lbs.
Sire Arjons Journey 2212-1602
Dam Arjons Bobcat 1121-1305

This bull was chosen because of his FABULOUS looks, NICE birth weight and GREAT weaning weight that raitioed at 107 and he had some TOUGH competition. His dam is A.I. sired by WK bobcat we kept a PA Full Power son out of her as a herd sire for several years she has produced some NICE looking kids that have done well for us.
19 put of 25 traits above breed average.
Asking $3500.00

Arjons Surefire 2618-1830


DOB: 04/07/2018  |  AAA #19120321

Birth weight 80lbs. Adj. weaning weight 627lbs.
Sire Gar Surefire love the WONDERFUL CED, and docility this bull brings and still does an EXCELLENT job with marbling and Ribeye.
Dam PA Rita T099-2618 this cow was purchased from Peterson Angus specifically as a Donor potential and she has step up to the plate wonderfully we have flushed her 5 times with GREAT results including this bull.

This bull is an E.T. a flush out of our EXTREMELY docile PA Rita 2618 who is sired by TC Total she is definitely a farm favorite, and GAR Surefire worked nicely bringing increased CED, docility and ribeye =)
17 traits above bred average
Asking $3100.00

Arjons Niagara 1403-1823


DOB: 03/25/2018  |  AAA #19114239

Birth weight 82lbs. Adj. weaning weight 639lbs.
Sire SS Niagara
Dam Arjons Upside 2618-1403

This Bull's dam and Granddam are two of the MOST docile cows on our place and customers tell us that trait has been passed on to the offspring of these two. NICE BW, WW and YW.
14 traits above breed average
Asking $2900.00

Arjons Rampage 1404-1824


DOB: 03/25/2018  |  AAA #19104983

Birth weight 72lbs Adj. weaning weight 762lbs.
Sire Quaker Hill Rampage currently the top bull in the angus assn. for most registered calves 2018 and was number 2 in 2017

This bull is one of our TOP bulls of the year with both looks and Epds this is the 3rd time we matched up Rampage to this cow it works WELL! Nice BW and comes back with WW and YW in the top 1% a true curve bending bull
Ratioed at 110 for weaning, his dam will pathfinder on his numbers this year!!
19 out of 25 traits ABOVE breed average.
Asking $4600.00

Arjons Colonel U124-1827


DOB: 03/31/2018  |  AAA #19115162

Birth weight 79lbs Adj. weaning weight 674lbs
Sire Baldridge Colonel the top selling bull of the Baldridge brother 2017 sale bringing a record setting $580,000 we will use this bull again in 2019
Dam SVF Rita U124

This is an E.T. out of a flush with Baldridge Colonel and our SVF Rita U124 we like the Epds for this bull but like his looks even more anything out of our U124 cow has done FABULOUS for us (U124 we like to say U124 the gift that keeps on giving) we have plans for this bulls sire in 2019. We expect this bull to improve weaning and yearling weights to any herd along with an improvement in docility.
18 out of 25 traits above breed average

Asking $4200.00

Arjons Bronc 5423-1836


DOB: 04/12/2018  |  AAA #19115164

Sire; Baldridge Bronc the $157,000 top sell 2016 bull for Baldridge Brother
Dam PA Blackcap M762-5423 Another one of our WONDERFUL purchases from Peterson Angus specifically as a donor cow she has given us two NICE heifers to date and blessed us with this flush with Baldridge Bronc.
Birth weight 70lbs. Adj. weaning weight 731lbs.

I can't say enough nice things about this bull if I had my way he would stay behind as one of our herd sires. This guy started out as a 70lb calf and bounced up to a 731lb weaning weight which is nice in its own right but then when factoring in he is the youngest of our bulls his weaning weight REALLY shines. He has such a nice even spread for Epds. he will make someone a FANTASTIC herd sire.
21 out of 25 traits above breed average
Asking $4900.00