Arjons Angus
Jon and Arlene Lagerquist
45923 County 68
Bertha , MN 56437

For Sale

All bulls have had their i50k done

Bull Arjons Upwards 171-1303


AAA # 17591490

A.I. sired by Sitz Upward Dam was purchased from WR Bar Ranch in 2012 she is one of the MOST docile cows on our place. This bull is in the top 30% or better for CED, WW, YW, scrotal, HP, milk, CW, Ribeye, Fat, $W, $F, $YG, and $B. His BW was 82lbs, adj. weaning wt. was 650lbs. adj. yearling wt. 1016lb.

This bull has done a WONDERFUL job on our farm.

Dam of Arjons Upwards 171-1303

Bull 1607 PAF Flying Simon 018-1607


AAA # 18470925

EXCELLENT for heifer use BW -.1

We purchased this bull from Pachan Angus farm his dam comes from Flying V angus north Dakota (home of ABS Cyclone and Transformer) he is the youngest of our bulls but is catching up nicely 12 traits above breed average VERY nice in CED.
Sired by Flying V Simon. BW 70lbs. Adjusted weaning weight 746lbs. Adj. yearling wt. 1124 lb.

Bull 1635 Arjons Upward 949-1635

Asking: $1995.00

AAA # 18548543

EXCELLENT for heifer use BW .1

Sired by Arjons Upwards dam was purchased from Flying W Ranch a nice even tempered girl that will be here a long time. 9 traits above breed average High in CED CEM and ribeye nice Marbling, $G, $QG. Birth weight 74lbs adjusted weaning weight 605lbs. Adj. yearling wt. 1005 lb.

Bull 1646 Arjons Upward 1206-1646 DDC

Asking: $1995.00

AAA # 18484493

EXCELLENT for heifer use BW -.4

Sired by Arjons Upwards Dam is A.I. sired by GAR Selective 14 traits above breed average hi in CED, Docility, HP, $EN, marbling, Ribeye, $W,$G,$QG. Birth weight 81lbs Adjusted weaning weight 720lbs. Adj. yearling wt. 1202 lb.